DCC ensures that, whether you are our client or a private contractor or consultant, working with DCC is as straightforward as possible. We have structured our service lines to offer our clients turnkey service. That means they can hand us a project and be assured it is being well managed throughout all phases of the process.

Doing business with DCC is easy because:

  • We deliver. We provide immediate and reliable access to technical and administrative expertise and, do so on a continuing basis at the worksite.
  • We're flexible. As a Crown corporation, we can quickly assign to our projects the number of people required with skill sets tailored to the work.
  • We're focussed. We respond with singular attention to the unique and exacting requirements of one main client.
  • We're effective. We offer very competitive pricing for our services, help save our client money on consulting and construction work carried out by the private sector and recover all of our own costs.
  • We understand service. We know how the construction industry and the government work and can, therefore, mediate effectively any differences that arise between DND and external service-providers.

For contractors and consultants, doing business with DCC is easy, too.

  • We balance the legitimate interests of consultants and contractors with those of the client.
  • We provide a buffer from policy considerations.
  • We offer sound contracts, formulated with operational input.
  • We have an approach that is oriented to how industry operates.
  • We are willing to bring industry concerns to government's attention.
  • We ensure a level playing field.

Because of the way we do business with DND and with the private sector, Canadian taxpayers can be assured that their interests are being provided for. We provide a stringent approach to contracting that ensures that our client gets the best value for its money, and that businesses run by Canadians have a fair opportunity at government contracts.

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