Who We Are

Defence Construction Canada (DCC) is a Crown corporation that provides innovative and cost-effective contracting, construction contract management, infrastructure and environmental services, and lifecycle support for Canada's defence requirements.

Our Client-Partners are the Assistant Deputy Minister Infrastructure and Environment (ADM IE) Group at the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Communications Security Establishment (CSE).

What We Do

When DND decides to initiate a project, it contacts DCC to procure and manage the associated project contracts on its behalf. These projects range from innovative to traditional: from control towers to dockyards, from hangars to tank maintenance facilities, from community centres to accommodation facilities, and from roads to sewer and water systems. Some projects may simply involve everyday maintenance work. Others are more complex with very high security requirements.

DCC's resources are divided among five service lines. See below for more information.

How We Work

DCC is a unique organization in many ways—not exactly like a government department, but not completely like a private sector firm, either. As part of an organization that is at arm's length from government and operates on a fee-for-service basis, DCC employees manage the procurement process, from competing tenders to awarding contracts, and then managing the contracts at the job site. Private-sector contractors and consultants perform the actual work in the execution of the contracts that DCC puts in place.

Trenton Hangar 2 under construction


Contract Management Services

The Contract Management Services team supports the creation, renovation and maintenance of facilities for DND’s infrastructure and environmental program.

Contract Services

The Contract Services team oversees the procurement of goods and professional, construction and maintenance services to fulfill Canada’s domestic and international defence infrastructure needs.

Environmental Services

The Environmental Services team helps DND meet environmental performance targets, comply with regulatory requirements, and manage due diligence and risk.

Project and Program Management Services

The Project and Program Management Services team advises on matters such as building requirements, program planning, and schedule and document control.

Real Property Management Services

From needs planning to facility decommissioning, the Real Property Management Services team supports the efficient operation of DND’s infrastructure.