DCC adopted an online e-bidding capability as a way to enhance industry access and allow the Corporation to manage the tendering process more accurately and efficiently from beginning to end.

Following an open and competitive process, MERX, an independent private sector tendering service, was selected as the e-procurement service provider.

Where e-bidding has been phased-in, paper submissions are no longer accepted. Suppliers can use e-bidding to:

  • submit their bid online at no additional cost;
  • make revisions to their bid at any time prior to tender close;
  • where bid security is required, upload their electronic bid bond (e-bond) directly into the system or submit their cash security through an electronic funds transfer (wire transfer);
  • receive an e-bid confirmation number once the e-bid is submitted successfully; and
  • view bid results online.

In 2016, as part of the first phase of its e-procurement solution, DCC began accepting e-bids for construction tenders, including those tenders that require bid security. Starting in mid-February 2018, DCC will begin accepting e-bids for the procurement of goods and maintenance services. E-bidding for consultants is not yet available and will be rolled out at a later date after consultation with the architecture and engineering industry.

E-bidding allows suppliers to submit their bids electronically at no additional cost.

Yes, suppliers need to be registered with MERX to have access to, and bid on, DCC opportunities.

Yes. A presentation on e-bidding given at a previous training session is available. Additionnally, MERX publishes a user guide as well as training videos for suppliers.

Those tenders will still be received the old way (i.e. in paper format).

Yes. In certain circumstances, opportunities may still require that bids be received in paper format. The requirement for the submission of bids in either electronic format or paper format is clearly stated in all MERX adverstisements.

Yes, that process has not changed. Paper or CD copies can be ordered through MERX or downloaded and printed.

Yes. Log into your account on MERX and select the “Organization Contact List” and then select “Create Organization Contact”. You may add as many contacts as you wish, however, subscription fees may apply.

Yes, as long as DCC is within your search criteria and you maintain an active MERX “Complete” subscription, you will have access to up to 9 opportunity matching profiles; you can therefore use one of your profiles for DCC opportunities. Watch the MERX tutorial for instructions on how best to setup your profile. If you include DCC in your keyword search, it is recommended that you use the full legal name (Defence Construction Canada) in order to capture all related opportunities.

MERX Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you at 1-800-964-6379, Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET or by e-mail at merx@merx.com. Additionally, you can watch the "How to Search" tutorial to learn all about navigation.

Annual subscription fees are automatically renewed; you’ll be notified by e-mail about the renewal.

The fees are payable by credit card.

For security purposes, there is a timeout feature after 20 minutes of inactivity. We encourage you to use the "Save & Quit" button if you are going to be away from your computer to ensure you do not lose any information that has already been entered.

A tutorial of this process is available for your viewing on the MERX website. The tutorial can be accessed at https://www.merx4.merx.com/public/Help.

Where bid security is required, suppliers have to submit either an electronic bid bond (e-bond) or cash security by electronic funds transfer (wire transfer). Detailed instructions on submitting electronic bid security are available in the Bidders' guide to electronic bid security at DCC.

E-bonds must be submitted through MERX. DCC can only accept e-bonds that are capable of verification and that are digitally signed and sealed by a third party digital service provider. Visit DCC’s e-procurement page for further information on e-bonds.

Electronic funds transfers (wire transfers) must be made through a financial institution that is a member of Payments Canada. DCC’s banking information is provided when the electronic funds transfer option is selected on MERX. Transfers must contain the unique reference number provided by MERX and be received by DCC by the tender closing date and time.

DCC will return cash security by way of direct deposit. Suppliers that have not previously had bid security returned by way of direct deposit will be contacted by DCC and provided with further instructions. This will normally entail the completion and submission of the Direct Deposit Enrolment for Contracts form (DCL291).

Yes, a MERX Electronic Bid Submission (EBS) PIN is required to submit bids electronically. For users that currently have an EBS PIN, please continue to use the same PIN when submitting bids electronically. If you do not currently have a PIN, please sign up here.

In cases where the MERX advertisement lists the bid submission type as "electronic", it is mandatory to submit bids electronically.

Yes, you will still receive notification of all amendments issued after the publication date. Just select the “Follow” button from the Notice description in MERX. There are no fees related to this feature. If you require additional details, hover your mouse over the question icon and the details will appear.